Freshman Technology


Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I turn in project files for Mr. B.'s Classes?

Make sure that your file or folder is named "lastname_project" or "lastname_date" or whatever the assignment requires. If your file or folder does not include your name, I will not know who it belongs to and you will receive a Zero for your assignment.

From "My Computer", browse until you locate the file or folder that needs to be submitted. This will likely be on your network drive at "YourFirstname.Yourlastname" on Violet.

Right click on the file or folder icon and select COPY.

Pull down the ADDRESS drop down box at the top of the My Computer Screen and select the M: Drive. It will be called "Hs on 'violet\users$\hsdropbox' (M:)"

Once in the M: Drive, double click to go into the folder called "pburkhard".

RIGHT CLICK on the folder for your class (Green1st, White2nd, etc.) and select PASTE.

Your Files or Folders have been submitted!