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Frequently Asked Questions:

Media Productions/ Technology

How do I map use the Sound Recorder to record 30 second Fair Use audio clips from such sites as

    • To start, open up your Volume control on your computer (the little horn in the lower right section of your Windows Desktop screen.) and click on OPTIONS>PROPERTIES: RECORDING. Make sure that the WAVE OUT MIX box is checked and click OK. Then, set the WAVE OUT MIX slider for volume to about the 2nd Tick from the bottom (any higher and your recording will be distorted). Click the SELECT checkbox at the bottom of the WAVE OUT MIX slider.
    • On the Internet, go to and click to the MUSIC section. Put in the name of an artist, song or album that you would like to record.
    • Resize your window so that you can see the Sound Recorder and the Amazon page at the same time. This will make it easier to hit the record button quickly.
    • Depending upon the song that you choose, there will be either a listing of “Windows Media>LISTEN” links for the songs of the album or a list of MP3 PLAY buttons. Click on either the LISTEN LINK or the PLAY BUTTON (>) to begin playing your song. The LISTEN links tend to buffer for a few seconds, but the PLAY buttons are rather quick. You will need to hit the RECORD button on your SOUND RECORDER as quickly as possible to begin recording your selection. (If you wish, you can click the RECORD button FIRST, then click the PLAY Link, but you will have a trailing period of silence that will need to be trimmed on your recording in Flash.)
    • When the 30 second clip is completed, hit the STOP button on the SOUND RECORDER. Listen to your clip to make sure it sounds the way you want it to.
    • When you are pleased with your clip, click FILE>SAVE AS in your SOUND RECORDER and save your clip to your network folder.
  • You can now import this clip to your editing program!